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Elodie Laye Mielczareck semiotician, specialized in semantics and body language, author and speaker.

Semiotics is an exciting academic discipline. It deciphers the signs of our daily life. In a political speech, on an advertisement, or even through our gestures, our words and behaviors, the signs mark a certain relationship with the world. ​ What meaning do these speeches represent? What Mythologies are they revealing ? What are the underlying values? Here are the questions that the semiotician (or semiologist) is happy to answer. ​ This expert takes a particular look at the coherence of communication (versus bullshit) and its relevance (versus misinterpretation / misunderstanding). Semiotics is a unique methodology (rigorous, specific, objectifying) to understand verbal, graphic, symbolic and behavioral identities. ​ Finally, semiotics is not like philosophy: it only operates from "corpus" (concrete materials to be analyzed). Semiotics is not psychology: it is less interested in intentions than in the signs produced. ​ And there is my conviction : the disenchantment of the world are those absurd oxymorons, zombie words, wooden language, Bullshit or words like "toolbox", the only ones good for persuading or manipulating crowds. But another look at words, symbols and language is possible!

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A long story short...

Recently, someone asked me this question : When I was little, was I “pre-destined” for this activity?

How did my appetite for signs, their observation and their analysis manifest itself ? When I was kid, something intrigued me a lot, as much as it made me uncomfortable: the gap between SAYING and DOING. Seeing and hearing adults doing differently, or even the opposite... It was quite “crazy” for me. I evolved, for more than 30 years, in a military environment... The relationship with order and words is perhaps not the same as in "civilian" life... This phenomenon fascinated me . Today he disgusts me a little. I believe that human beings are paradoxical by nature. In any case, it is all these aspects of language (the unsaid, the implicit, even the unthought), that I wanted to develop in my works. In friendly, personal, professional relationships, in situations of negotiation, or lying, or even seduction, what are the signs that tell us, unconsciously, about ourselves? This is the question that bothers me.

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Elodie Laye Mielczareck is a semiotician, specialized in semantics and body language. She also advises business leaders and supports certain international communications and public relations agencies, particularly on the question of the Purpose. Very regularly contacted by the mainstream media, Elodie Laye Mielczareck deciphers underlying societal trends, as well as the behavioral dynamics of our political representatives and other celebrities. She is also a speaker and author, publishes articles (notably in the scientific journal The Conversation), and speaks at the University of Paris Sorbonne (now called Paris Cité).

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Expertise. Power. Passion.

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Denis Gancel,  agence W CEO (Havas Group)

Denis Gancel, CEO agence W (Havas Group)

"In a world saturated with signs and visual stimuli, in which the risks of misunderstanding are significant, the semiological analysis carried out by Elodie is an essential watchdog. It ensures that intention and perception are well aligned"

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